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Llorraine has profound and profoundly accurate intuition, insight and vision.  She is fluent and eloquent in discussing personal, societal, gender and evolutionary issues; magic and inspiration flow through her deliberations.  Some of my greatest personal and social insights have come from Llorraine’s sharings. 

Richard Perl, entrepreneur and attorney


My whole being - finite self and infinite consciousness potential - gets to be seen, witnessed, mirrored and guided. Through a vast lens of deep and sacred esoteric wisdom I get to receive a multidimensional map to align to my highest becoming as a soul being having a human experience.

Isabelle Pierre-Emile – Modern Medicine Woman and Yogini


A private session with Llorraine can be a live-altering experience.  For her direct honesty, her authentic psychic ability, along with her natural wisdom is a true gift.  She has guided me through some of the most difficult times in my life, as I watched her words unfold through time.  I consider it a gift to myself each time I meet with Llorraine for her knowledge and command of unseen forces has made such a positive impact on my life.

Wende Grant - Healer


Llorraine has the insight to see beyond a person's unhealthy patterns, through their challenges, their suffering and trauma,  and penetrate deeply to evoke the soul pattern within.

Denise D - CEO/Entrepreneur


I have known Llorraine Neithardt for 20 + years during which time she has had an enormous influence on my life.   Therapist, mystic, clairvoyant and ultimately friend. Her insights, visions and knowledge of the psyche have helped enable me to see clearer, and unravel, various negative situations that existed when I first came to see her. Her insights gave me insights on how to move forward and attain the goals and dreams that I had. Her innate ability to heal is a treasure that I hold dear to my heart.

Susanne K-Designer


Llorraine Neithardt is a gifted visionary, singular in esoteric knowledge and insight. We are fortunate enough to receive the benefit of her unique psychic gift which she offers with compassion to soul, keen intellect of mind and utmost respect to individuation. Time with Neithardt is life-changing.  As teacher, mentor and guide she is unchallenged.

Michael Lisbona


Llorraine has been my life coach and mentor for the past 23 years, long before the phrase “life coach” was even invented. A session with her is always a deep and powerful experience for me. During a session she will combine her exceptional clairvoyant skills with a vast knowledge of psychology, metaphysics, mythology and the sacred arts to guide me to find meaning from events in my life from the bigger picture of my soul’s perspective and purpose. Llorraine has helped me to grow and evolve into the mystery and adventure that is my life in a way that no one else can.  And she has a wicked sense of humor to boot! I highly recommend her, for an hour or a lifetime.

Amanda Register - attorney, artist and founder of peacefulday.com.

Llorraine Neithardt's dedication to helping people find their way to consciousness, and wholeness, has never wavered in the 26 years I've had the pleasure to know her. The work that she and I have done over the years  has helped my heart and soul to evolve in ways that I am very grateful for. Through her gift, wisdom, and experience, she has that uncanny ability to be able to pinpoint in a person where she can be of help, to allow them to become the best they can be. She has also been extremely helpful to me creatively throughout the years with her insight and vision. I am blessed to call her my guide, my dear friend.

Robin Skye - Singer/Song Writer Actress

Llorraine Neithardt is the real deal; with her loving nature she creates a safe environment where you get in touch with your deepest self.  Her profound wisdom and insights are life transforming. 

Ingvild Waerhaug - Artist  


With unparalleled vision and humor, Lloraine has guided me for a quarter of a century, and taken me to places of awareness I wouldn’t have ever ventured to on my own.  How lackluster my life would be without Lloraine’s inspired presence.

Susan Perl - Author, Marketing Consultant


Earthlings, we have among us a rare and evolved human, a treasure. Llorraine’s psychic readings (save your pennies and give this to yourself for a life-changing birthday present!) are nothing less than thrilling. She draws upon her prodigious scholarship, her high intelligence and her true and astonishing psychic gift to give you a session that knocks your socks off and turns your head around more than once.  Prepare for a gentle journey into your own deepest places past, present and future.  Llorraine weaves and connects your own story, your human destiny to the greatest and most profound stories of humankind.  You get to see yourself in the widest context, an orientation to “being” that has a power to transform. Really!

Fran Bull - Artist

Llorraine Neithardt is the most startling of all seers: Where others encourage fear , she sows common sense. She gives you the arms to fight your own demons and illuminates your  understanding with solid references to myth and literature---she places you inside your own story and show you how to make it come out right.

I met her through a crazy fluke and she has become a valued trusted friend.  

J Buck - Writer  

I have the honor and pleasure of knowing Llorraine Neithardt for the past 18 years. Llorraine’s deep understanding of the human psyche, powerful intuition, and profound sense of humor make her one of the most dynamic individuals I have come to know. Her knowledge of the esoteric and sensitivity to the human soul have not only been a guiding force, but also a source of inspiration throughout my life. If you are truly interested in reaching your dreams, establishing a genuine relationship with the more mysterious aspects within, and walking the pathway towards a more conscious state of living, I highly recommend Llorraine.

Llorraine Neithardt rocks my world! The question is are you ready for her to rock yours?

Constantine Ladikos - MS

She’s this sort of mythic goddess, Auntie Mame with second sight and Manolo Blahniks.

Richard LaGravenese - Writer/Director