A reading with Llorraine Neithardt is an experience of warm, human understanding, of revelations swift and deep, and solemn, psychic truth. It is an experience of exactitudes, surprises and remembrances, of possibilities and potentials - and definite direction.

The gift of clairvoyance, the Sacred Tarot, the movement of heavenly bodies provide keys to inner doors she unlocks with interpretive wisdom, targeting not just the individual in its three-dimensional reality - but the Soul in its divine potential. Within this encounter one is witnessed, mirrored and guided, receiving a multi-dimensional map toward transformation and alignment with one’s highest self.

As a global being on a continuing quest for spiritual awareness and conscious relationship to Psyche, Llorraine has trained in the Science of Mind, Metaphysics, Hermetic Philosophy, Kabbalah, Esoteric Astrology, Archetypal Psychology, Mythology and Symbols. She has undertaken advanced private studies in Alchemy, Angelology, Archetypal Psychology and Dream Interpretation.

For the past three decades Neithardt has worked on her individuation process as fashioned by Carl Jung, leading her to a conscious relationship with Psyche (Soul). As a prophetic dreamer, she has discerned that her own creative contribution is to inspire the awakening of the Sacred Venus.

Her gifted synthesis of this sacred, esoteric wisdom is uniquely heightened by her ability to communicate Truth positively, commandingly, and with the compassion of a truly universal child. The unturned psychic stone moves without resistance at the nudge of this master.